Creation of your website

And if your website was simply effective! That is what your visitors expect. We deliver you a fast, intuitive and easy-to-understand web site for browsing, ergonomic and accessible regardless of the support used to display it (computer, smartphone). Achieve this together for your business!

Advice and coaching at the heart of our approach

Your website creation is part of a strategy of conquest. Above all, you are looking for contacts and turnover. Our role is to accompany you to make the best choices.
Through our experience, we are able to bring you a thousand and an advice to create a website or a fanpage that meets your strategic objectives.

The best technology for your website

Custom development or integration of CMS, we bring you all our technical expertise. We develop custom, or with tools such as WordPress and PrestaShop to meet your needs. We have internally the competencies to encode specifically, all the functionalities necessary to implement your project, whether it be for creating a storefront site or e-commerce.

What autonomy will I have in managing my site?

All the sites we design include online, private and secure access to allow you all updates 24 h/24.

You have your hand on all your texts and pictures.
You can change your rates, downloadable documents, videos
You can publish news, articles, reports…
You change your shipping costs, your promotions, your products…
You are master of all your content at every moment.

What will be the visual aspect of my site?

The graphic creation of your site will correspond to your wishes, as we make it tailor-made. There is no e-commerce site like that of a hotel. Your site will be adapted to your activity.

We create models that we make evolve according to your expectations until the final rendering.
You benefit from our skills in terms of ergonomics.
Even in graphic creation, we never forget the objectives of the site and its ability to convert your visitors into customers.

Do I need a CMS or a custom site?

A CMS is a pre-coded site structure. It meets basic needs and will generally need to be customized in part. The sur consists of coding your site specifically to meet each of your unique needs.
On CMS or custom, the answer will be objective, because AxeNet has the skills to offer you the choice. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages and each project is the most suitable.

For example:
For a standard online store, Prestashop (CMS) can be a very good choice, but if it is to overload the application with more than 50% code specific to your needs, better leave on our customized framework.
For your company’s website or a professional blog: an optimized, customized, secure CMS base by our agency can meet your expectations by respecting your budget. Our experience, coupled with the means at our disposal, will allow you to make a wise choice in full knowledge of the facts.

Is a responsive web site a plus?

Computers, smartphones, tablets: should your website be accessible and easily usable on all these media. A “responsive design” site is a site that will automatically adapt to the screen surface available to make navigation easy and instinctive: menus change, images adapt, graphics adjust to make things easy to the user according to the device he uses.

If your site is aimed at the general public (BtoC), it is very advisable to integrate this possibility. Indeed, users consult and buy more and more on the Net via these “new” media. Do you know that he has been selling more tablets than computers in US for 2 years? Once again we put our know-how at the service of ergonomics and simplicity of use. This regardless of the material used by your visitor.