Video and digital creation

Our video and digital creation agency is specialist in the brand content: video creation, 2D/3D animation, design, web movie and advertising, digital installation… Creative material and content that we conceptualize, develop and mix for you. For the production of 3D films, we support our dedicated creative studio.

And because we believe that innovation is the cornerstone of any artistic enterprise, we regularly look at the creations of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Mainly our areas of expertise are:
– Animation 2 D/3 D
– Motion Design/Flat Design
– TV Spot/Corporate
– Advertising/Event
– Webserie/Webdocs
– Mapping/Projection
– Digital installations

Our approach

Our approach is essentially based on listening and exchange. If we are always the force of proposals, we never lose sight of your identity or your problems.
Our main will: advise and accompany you as closely as possible throughout the creative process.
Our team is made up of creative professionals. Complementary talents allow us to offer you a wide range of media and content for communication strategies at 360°.

– Artistic Director
– Project Leaders
– Writers/Directors
– Facilitators 2 D/3 D
– Motions Designers
– Graphic Artists/Illustrators
– Technical Director
– Developers


Our methodology is simple: a project leader dedicated to a single interlocutor, a controlled schedule for delivery deadlines without surprises and transparency of all moments.

Analysis of the existing and your positioning
– Reflection and dialogue
– Solutions, implementation, implementation, implementation
– Creativity

Depending on the nature of your project, we propose to our clients who wish to relocate their productions through an extensive network of international partners (Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Tokyo).

SeoHero is constantly looking for new writings, technical challenges in the service of a distinguished and innovative aesthetic, inventive formats… Boundless curiosity drawing blithely in all fields of creation: digital art, dance, music, decorative arts…

But because the video is nothing without diffusion support; and always with the aim of proposing global reflection, a coherent artistic concept and full control of the production/dissemination chain to our customers; we also develop websites.

A digital native agency that integrates 100% of the production chain for a single interlocutor. Because your story is too.