Search Engine Optimization

Improve your visibility on the Internet

Natural referencing is an essential issue for any website. It represents all Internet users arriving on your site from search engines. In US this mainly means all Internet users visiting your site after a search on Google: the giant represents 95% of the Internet research market in our country. Improving the natural referencing of an Internet site and thus its visibility with the Internet users is a direct optimization of a site to meet the quality standards imposed by Google and expected by your customers. The role of a referencing agency is to guide you or to put in place strategic optimizations directly, knowing that there are dozens of criteria that come into line. The most important are the site code, its content and its links profile.

The huge advantage of natural referencing when it is well managed is its longevity. Our optimizations aim to position you in the first results of Google in order to guarantee your website long-term visibility. Our mission is simple: improve the visibility of your website in search engines.

Purpose of Natural Referencing

The objective of our SEO agency is to position your web pages (and therefore your site) on specific queries typed by Internet users. Thanks to this, we increase qualified traffic on your site. This is to provide a relevant response to users with a specific need. Thus they are Internet users interested in your service or product that arrives on your site. The natural referencing also tends to develop the turnover generated by your website.

Our natural referencing benefit

Our work is divided into 4 main tasks that structure the natural referencing benefit:

  • Site audit: A referencing benefit starts systematically by producing a detailed audit of your site. It analyses all the levers of the referencing as well as the direct environment of the site (business line and competition).
  • Development of the Strategy: Conclusions made by the audit, your search engine optimization project leader, in collaboration with you, defines the SEO strategy to be put in place: presentation of recommendations, choice of keywords to optimize, etc…
  • Implementation of recommendations: Your project manager starts the site optimization work. This is a task that requires time and patience because the results of the natural referencing can sometimes take several months to bear fruit. You are also involved in specific actions such as the generation of new content.
  • Monitoring and reporting: Throughout the delivery, we inform you of the results achieved. To do this, we use various tools with which we monitor the evolution of your site’s positions. This allows us to guide our work by keeping you regularly informed.

The optimizations made

We focus our actions on 3 specific points of your website. These are the levers that are analyzed, corrected and optimized to improve your site’s natural referencing, local seo.

The technique: This section includes the structure, architecture and performance of the site, forming the foundations of each website. Natural referencing takes into account factors such as the speed of loading of a page, the customization on the mobile of the site (a reactive site is indispensable), the internal meshing of the site, the presence of blocking factors.

The content: It represents the heart of a site because a site without content is not interesting to the user and indeed it is not for Google either. Content creation (in collaboration with you) is now indispensable in an search engine optimization strategy. It must be consistent with the subject of the site and the keywords that one seeks to optimize. Semantic markup (structure of content) is also essential.

Popularity: Popularity concerns the links profile of a site, i. e. the number of links pointing to the site that one seeks to optimize. A search engine rightly concludes that a site that is mentioned many on other sites is relevant. This is the most powerful lever for referencing, but getting strong and quality links, those who make the difference, is a much more complicated and complex task as search engines become more efficient.