Improve your local SEO

Today Internet presence is a key issue for all businesses working a catchment area. Internet search is a habit of the US and Google offers custom results according to the user’s Location! Today a person who wants to find a nearby business is doing his search on the Internet directly. You must then have worked your presence to appear before your competitors.

How does local research work?

First of all, you need to know that the search location exists on smartphone, on tablet, but also on computer. Google automatically determines whether a search is local or not. For example if I search “Italian restaurant”, Google will automatically submit to me local results because it suggests that my search offers local character. Local searches also cover all requests with a city name or zip code. The results vary depending on the location specified or the user’s position. Thus a search “Italian restaurant” which connects on my smartphone while I am traveling to Las Vegas will automatically return to me restaurants Las Vegas. If I submit the same request this time in New York, the results will be entirely different.

Our local SEO services benefit

Our SEO Media agency optimizes your local referencing through two main techniques, the latter must be used simultaneously to maximize the results. We optimise your website. The latter must respect the unique requirements for natural referencing that are also essential for local referencing. We therefore analyze your site, you submit our strategy and proceed with the optimization of its code, content and profile profile. Specific optimizations are put in place to locate the site effectively.
It is also necessary to have a Google My Business page for your business or institution. This page, associated with a trade and address, puts forward your company with images, descriptions, schedules, news, the possibility for users to evaluate your trade and the display of your address. Google My Business pages appear on Google and Google Maps when a user conducts a local search. They offer a significant additional visibility gain. The Social Network Facebook also give tools to have more visibility like fanpages. More and More peoples are using social media.

Local competition

Upstream of our delivery an SEO project manager will perform an analysis of your business sector. It would be wrong to believe that local referencing is faster and easier because concentrated on a specific region. The necessary investment in resources can be radically different from one company to another because:

Sectors are more competitive than others, for example one of the most competitive sectors is plumbing,
Geographical areas are more competitive than others, for example San Francisco is a very dense area and therefore very competitive.
The investment needed to benchmark a plumber on San Francisco will, for example, be 100 times higher than the investment required to reference a restaurant on Santa Rosa.