The impact of social networks in SEO Hero strategies

SEO Hero deploys various techniques such as Netlinking campaigns to increase visibility after having completed an audit. However, professional and traditional social networks have experienced considerable growth, their impact should not be minimized.

Indirectly improve the referencing of a site

The communication agencies working on this issue are invited to focus on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, LinkedIn… Since their Arrival, experts have focused on their impact to find out whether they can really optimize positioning. Many of them insist that the link does not exist, but others prove that the impact is indirect. Indeed, relay an article on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network or the micro-blogging site should not immediately improve your referencing contrary to net linking strategies.

However, if an article or test is appreciated, it will tend to be massively shared, which should increase the number of visitors on the website in question. In the long run, it is possible that an improvement will be the key.

Diversifying the source of traffic is smart

The creation of a site requires specific skills, but the management of accounts dedicated to social networks is also very special. It is essential to give life to timelines in order to build a dynamic. While the number of subscribers or followers will tend to rise, the impact will be certain, especially if new visitors are identified through the relay of these items. A communication agency mastering SEO and several domains that have an important place. This can relate to content management, influence marketing, or even a Adwords campaign, newsletters and the development of a mobile application.

Integrating social networks into an SEO strategy is a relevant trick. While they make it possible to improve your visibility, they have an additional asset: it revolves around traffic. By leveraging Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, you will diversify the source and focus not only on Google.

Be careful, social networks can be positive and negative

For SEO strategies to be optimal, regular communication on social networks is widely advised. Studies have even shown that a page likely to collect hundreds of thousands of subscribers was able to climb dozens of places in a site for referencing. We should not focus solely on Facebook or Twitter, but it is imperative to integrate them into all strategies. It is a piece of the puzzle whose importance is real even if the impact is indirect.

On the other hand, precaution is put in place because, if social networks can have special interest in referencing, they also have the ability to credibility the efforts provided when they are not controlled. Only professionals from an advertising agency will be able to support you in this process.