2017 social networks image sizes guide

We gather on this page all the dimensions of the images on the social media. The photo sizes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have just been updated. You can keep this page as a favorite to easily access all dimensions of images and photos. We designed it because for any project related to social networks, the same questions arise:

  • What is the size of a profile picture on Facebook?
  • What should be the dimensions of the images in the headlines?
  • What is the size of the cover photos on Twitter?
  • In Twitter timeline, what dimensions do the images?
  • On Instagram, the images make how many pixels?

To facilitate the task of the community managers and the designers, find below all the sizes to know on the social networks. We will regularly update this page so that the sizes of photos on social networks are correct. Do not hesitate to contact us if you notice a change in the dimensions of the images. You can click on the social media of your choice to access the image sizes: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+.


image size Facebook
Facebook recommends downloading JPEG photos with a sRGB color profile.
Facebook profile photo: 180 × 180 pixels minimum (1: 1 square ratio)
Shown in 170 × 170 pixels on the page, 32 × 32 pixels in avatar
Cover photo Facebook: 820 × 312 pixels (ratio 2.63: 1)
Image of a web link on Facebook: 1200 × 628 pixels (ratio 1.91: 1)
Shown in 450 × 236 on pages and 476 × 249 on the newsfeed (desktop)
Shared image on Facebook: 1200 × 630 pixels
Shown with a width of 504px on the page, 470px on the newsfeed
Highlight image on Facebook: 1200 × 717 pixels
Displayed in 843 × 504 pixels on your Facebook page
Note: If there is any difference between the text above and the image below, please privilege the data given in the text above (more regularly updated).


image size Instagram
Instagram profile photo: 110 × 110 pixels (square photo, 1: 1 ratio)
Preview of a photo Instagram: 161 × 161 pixels
Photo Instagram: download pictures in 1080 × 1080 pixels
Automatically resized to 612 × 612 pixels by Instagram
Displayed in 510 × 510 pixels in the Instagram feed


image size Twitter
Twitter profile photo: upload a photo of 400x400px,
Posted in 200x200px on the Twitter profile
Cover photo Twitter: 1500 × 500 pixels
Photo on Twitter: Focus on a 1024px wide photo
Displayed on the desktop stream at 440x220px or even 506 × 253 pixels (2: 1 ratio)
Displayed in large format (expanded) in 1024 × 512 pixels maximum
Displayed on the mobile stream with a ratio of 1.78: 1 (example: 600 × 338 px)
Image of a web link (Twitter Cards): 506 × 254 pixels (ratio close to 2: 1)
Editor’s Note: In most cases, it is advisable to design images in a ratio between 1: 1.91 and 1: 2 to illustrate its articles in order to obtain a satisfactory result when sharing on Facebook and Twitter.


image size Tumblr
Tumblr profile picture: at least 128 × 128 pixels (JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP)
Shared images on Tumblr: displayed in Tumblr stream in 500 × 750 pixels
GIF shared on Tumblr: 500px wide and 1Mb maximum


image size LinkedIn
Profile picture: 400 × 400 pixels minimum (10Mb max, JPG, GIF or PNG)
LinkedIn cover photo: between 1400 × 425 pixels and 4000 × 4000 pixels
Logo of the LinkedIn (Company) pages: 400 × 400 pixels (PNG, JPG or GIF)
Cover photo of LinkedIn (Company) pages: 974 × 300 pixels
Photo type «banner» of the LinkedIn pages: 646 × 200 pixels minimum
Logo «square» of the LinkedIn pages: 60 × 60 pixels


image size Pinterest
Profile picture Pinterest: 165 × 165 pixels
Picture of painting Pinterest (board): 222 × 150 pixels (small photo: 50x5px)
Photo of pin Pinterest (pine): 600 pixels wide (recommended)
Displayed with a width of 236 pixels wide in the Pinterest stream


image size Youtube
YouTube cover photo: 2560 × 1440 pixels
1546 × 423 pixels always visible on desktop (flexible side areas)
1546 × 523 pixels displayed on mobile
YouTube Preview Images: 1280 × 760 pixels (16: 9 ratio)


image size Google+
Google+ profile photo: 250 × 250 pixels in JPG, GIF or PNG format
Cover photo Google+: 1080 × 608 pixels (recommended)
You can upload a photo between 480 × 270 and 2120 × 1192 pixels
Image shared in the Google+ feed: 497 × 279 pixels
Video shared in the Google+ stream: 497 × 279 pixels also
Shared web link in the Google+ feed: 150 × 150 pixels minimum