What you need to know about social media in 2017

Each year, we publish a summary of the 50 key social network statistics. This makes it possible to take stock of the main forces involved, to start the year well. To access all the regularly updated figures, go to our dedicated page: Social network numbers – 2017.

Key figures for social networks in 2017

Less than one in three people use social networks. It is often forgotten that these figures allow us to put their use into perspective. On the other hand, we note that mobile is omnipresent: more than five users out of six mobilize their phones to access social networks.

  • 2,307 billion people use social networks
  • This represents 31% of the world’s population
  • 1.968 billion people access social networks from mobile
  • This represents 85% of social networking users
  • 3,419 billion people are Internet users
  • This represents 46% of the world’s population

Top 10 social networks in 2017

In the year 2016, Facebook only increased its lead over its competitors. Other services in Mark Zuckerberg’s ecosystem are also on the rise, whether it’s Instagram or WhatsApp (not included in this ranking because it is considered a messaging application and not a social network) . Another remark: the Asian platforms are very powerful.

  1. 1.8 billion active users per month: Facebook
  2. 653 million: Qzone
  3. 600 million: Instagram
  4. 555 million: Tumblr
  5. 317 million: Twitter
  6. 300 million: Baidu Tieba
  7. 222 million: Sina Weibo
  8. 150 million: Snapchat *
  9. 150 million: Pinterest
  10. 106 million: LinkedIn

* The figures above refer to active users per month – except for Snapchat, used by 150 million people each day.

The top 5 messages applications in 2017

As for the platforms dedicated to the messaging, force (is) also to note the power of Facebook. Messenger and WhatsApp are the only two messaging services to reach one billion users each month.

  1. 1 billion: Facebook Messenger
  2. 1 billion: WhatsApp
  3. 860 million: QQ
  4. 650 million: WeChat *
  5. 300 million: Skype *

* If the figures for Messenger, WhatsApp and QQ are relatively recent, those for WeChat and Skype are older and probably higher today.

Social networks in detail: Facebook

  • 1.8 billion users per month
  • 1.7 billion users per month on mobile
  • 1.2 billion users per day
  • $ 17.9 billion in sales in 2015
  • 3.7 billion in profit in 2015


Social networks in detail: Twitter

  • 317 million users per month
  • 80% is the rate of active mobile users
  • 100 million active daily users (estimated)
  • In US, 55% of users are male
  • In US, 33% of users are between 16-24 years old (26% between 25-34 years)


Social networks in detail: Snapchat

  • 150 million users per day
  • 77 million users per day in US
  • 71% of users are under 25
  • 25-30 minutes on average on Snapchat per day

Social networks in detail: Instagram

  • 600 million users per month
  • Of which 80% in the United States
  • 300 million users per day
  • 60% of us members log in every day
  • 4.2 billion Like are accounted for each day


Social networks in detail: YouTube

  • 25 million users in us on desktop, 26 million on mobile
  • 1 us citizen on 2 looks at YouTube every day
  • 48% aged 25-49 years
  • Most used segments: Music, Lifestyle, Sport, Home Improvement, Comedy
  • 1/3 of buyers on the Internet saw a YouTube video before buying


Social Networks in Detail: LinkedIn

  • 467 million registered users for 106 million active users
  • 35% of active users log in every day
  • 34% of users are located in the United States
  • 12 million users in France
  • Time spent on LinkedIn: 17 minutes per month