Toolbox of SEO to boost your web performance

As SEO (beginner or confirmed) we would be prompted to use a multitude of tools to track the results of our work and the positioning of our sites on search engines. Often compared to the Swiss knife, the SEO must be multifunctional and versatile! In order to better organize and optimize its working time, the SEO will have a complete list of tools in its!

Here is the toolbox of SEO recommended by Seo hero! As this list is not exhaustive, I invite you to complete it!

Optimize content for the web

We know, CONTENT IS KING. Writing for the web is not an easy thing and presupposes respect for some editorial rules. Here are some tools to analyze your content!

Fighting the content of duplicate content

The content duplicated, is forbidden for SEO! Here are some tools on the Internet that allow you to monitor your content on the web! These tools allow you in most cases to compare an original text with the content present in the search engines, or to compare two different Urls.

Analyze web pages

To know if your pages are correctly optimized for referencing, you will need to analyze different criteria including the page structure, internal mesh, metatags and ALT attribute, some blocking factors for referencing such as frames or iframes, the HTTP response… Here are some tools to analyze your web pages:

Track your positioning on search engines

Of course, each SEO strategy has as its objective visibility in search engines, thus a good positioning in engine results. The first page, or even the first position, is covered! To know the evolution of your positions and to adapt your SEO strategy, here are some tools:

Analyze and verify the backlinks of your site

Links give your site «reputation». It is this concept of reputation that will be taken into account by search engine algorithms in a query made by a user! Internal to the site, outgoing to external sources, or incoming, links must be treated, links have a significant weight for positioning your website in search engines!

Tools for crawling

These tools allow you to analyze your site code, all pages and files. Crawlers browse the pages of your site by indicating the metatags, the weight of the files, the errors 404 and the other,… this will allow you to have a global overview of the state of your site!

Tools for Managing Social Networks

SEO hero uses social media to build relationships with their audience based on value, trust and recommendation. Each day, they can promote loyalty in 140 characters, create an emotional connection with their last campaign to million active users and increase product preference in the form of square or landscape images. If you want to earn productivity, manage your social media media, the presence of your client/brand, measure the effectiveness of your actions or simply program your publications, I invite you to discover the top 4 tools for managing social networks.

To conclude…

Thank you for reading! Don’t hesitate to leave me your comments and share with others your favorite tools! This seems logical for me, but I remind you anyway, SEO must definitely use Google Analytics or (Piwik) and Google Search Console, which are the most obvious tools!