Why I do not accept being paid for performance

I can understand that prospects offer me to reward me for performance, all or part. They have to pray to me and to the king. At the base, there is a logic. Only here, what can apply to a commercial or a SALES is very difficult to transposable to a SEO HEO.

Tired of explaining my position on this subject and fearing to provide more and more lapidary explanations, I finally decided to make it a ticket, a kind of disclaimer that will probably be linké in my contact form.

I would, of course, invite my fellow Members SEO to give their opinion on this, because I am sure that I am not the only one to be reluctant to pay for this type of remuneration.

Performance does not depend only on SEO provider

This is the main reason for not agreeing to be paid to dev. When you know that “SEO performance” is essentially based on editorial quality, value added of the site, communication on and offline, and therefore art and how the publisher maintains its (business) site, how can an SEO provider accept such a deal?

For many publishers, SEO remains a matter of technical and even net linking for those who have already acquired some concepts. A vision of SEO with a restricted perimeter… See archaic. Before 2016, when it was enough to send a lot of links to boost sites into the top 5 of Google, compensation for performance could have meaning. Now, clearly more.

The 5 elements of SEO HERO

There are 5 entities that can influence SEO:

  • Editor (including editors, developers, etc.)
  • SEO provider (optional)
  • Internet surfer (without any signals, no sharing, no link…)
  • Competition (there are only 10 places on the front page…)
  • The search engine (Google).

Asking a worker to produce more to earn more, beyond any political or ethical aspect, remains rational. The equation is simple, the more it will make efforts – in the right sense – the better its income. In web browser and more specifically in SEO it is much less obvious, SEO that alone can influence the whole ecosystem. Even though it will produce a good job, Google and its good will may well degrade some positions, just to muddy the tracks. It’s in his interest, it’s even patented. Conversely, SEO is not a mediums or a game of chance!

A perverse way of retribution

An SEO that would agree to be paid for performance will no longer be in a long-term logic. And it’s well known, the SEO takes time, sometimes a lot of time. So if he doesn’t want to receive his +3-year-old cheque, he has an interest in forcing things out, even if he have to cross the red line! And he does not care that he is more than borderline, the most important for him (and the unconscious client) being to achieve the goals as quickly as possible, not to keep them in time! As is often said: “SEO is not a sprint but a marathon“. For many, the goal is not to position themselves to get shooter 3 months later by penguin.

And what is the merit of the ranking?

Wanting to reward SEO for performance is one thing, but on the other hand would it not be more healthy to target the positions that the site deserves? For me, the question is crucial and is a replica of choice to all those who ask me if I will agree to work on performance. if the prospect wants to go beyond the positions it deserves, it inevitably determines strategies to blackhat with increased risk-taking. See, but the levers are not the same!

The illusion of consensus

Dear publishers/prospects who read me, do you think a single second that an accredited SEO HERO consultant or an agency would risk not being paid (in part or in full)? I don’t believe one second. If you do not deal with someone who is dishonest, the best person or the agency will impose a fixed part that will cover the work done. In this sense, performance pay will cost you more, the variable being a bonus here. So yes the carrot can pull up the performance upwards, in only some cases, when, for example, the provider by the majority of the cards in hand, or if he is used inhouse.

Conclusion is NO!

More generally, a good claimant is paying, it is becoming more and more expensive. Tell yourself that the SEO’modern’is more like psychoanalysis. This would come to the mind of paying your therapist for your cat?

Still, the prospect needs reassurance, to cling to guarantees, to be confident. Beyond my storefront, I do not hesitate to give my references, real ones, with possibility to contact them.
As far as I am concerned, in the face of performance payment, I declare package. Less than…

I would point out that my opinion here comes within the framework of “global” SEO benefits (Complete audit + 1-year support), and not specific as a campaign of netlinking.