6 steps to produce effective content for your business

The content of marketing is based on the creation and repair of different types of content used to attract, inform and convert your visitors. It became one of the masterpieces of SEO Hero and leading generation for e-commerce. It is important to know what content mix to use to target your audience, to generate more traffic to your site and thus more revenue for your business. But how to produce content that is effective and relevant to your business and hearing?

Start by making an inventory of your existing content. In addition to what you share on your site or blog, take into account also what you send to your customers by email, your Adwords campaigns, your publications on social networks and all your institutional content. Take stock of everything that already exists:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • E-books
  • White books
  • Case studies
  • PowerPoint
  • Testimonials
  • Photos, images and all types of visual content
  • Articles, tutorials, product tests

This first step, define your personas and the content adapted to each one. A persona is a representation of a client type, defined by a set of traits that describe it best. Personas help you put a face on your customers and prospects and better anticipate what is important to them. Among the various aspects that make up your ideal clients, you will find, depending on your company and target, the type, geographical location, certain types of income, personal preferences, lifestyle, behavior, and needs.

You have your personas, the content corresponding to each of them and at each stage of the shopping journey? Now, you’ll have to determine which channels to use to spread your content so that your customers and prospects have access to it. What are the habits, uses of your personas, where can you meet them? Social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin,…), Google Adwords, your blog through SEO, specific pages of your site (Landing pages, etc) or external sites where you could share your content (Medium, Pulse,…)? The goal is not to flood the web, you can certainly not keep pace, but to be where your personas have their habits.

At this stage, you will surely realise that your existing content is too general or does not fit into certain types of personas. Perhaps they are not diversified enough to support your advertising and marketing activities.

Identify all weaknesses in your marketing strategy, missing content and those you need to work to make them more attractive and able to convert your lead. After all the steps previously established, you are able to create the right mix of content to provide the consumer with the information he needs precisely according to the different stages of the purchase route, always in order to steer it towards the solution you propose to it. Here are some key steps in the development of content marketing mix.

Producing effective content means setting goals

What is the identity of your trademark? What is the main reason why you will distribute content? What is his story? My main goal through this blog is to inspire you, to connect with you, to help your organization develop with social networks.

That’s why I’ve been writing on the Internet for almost 10 years, to share what I know and learn from others. I have done so in various areas: music, creativity, composition, cinema, design. It has always been my goal. The fact is that it also allows me to attract new customers, and it’s interesting to connect with companies that look like you thanks to the content you share.

Based on the reason I write, I make sure that every content I create meets one of the needs I can answer. By focusing on the identity of your company, on its values, you will be able to develop useful content for your customers and build the tone that goes with it.

Learn to know your hearing

What is the purpose of developing content if it does not fall in the right people, not true? Always think of the objectives of your hearing. What does it search for search engines, which keywords will it type, what are its centers of interest? Why would she read your content? What does she want to learn from you?

There’s so much content today on the Internet and shared on social networks, we’re subject to so many reading or engagement requests, that it’s really important to be on that you’re targeting your audience perfectly so that they can connect with you and engage with your brand. Are you unsure of your hearing? This is, however, one of the crucial points in the success of your content marketing.

For each content, an objective

Each content you produce must have a well-defined objective. You must plan it in your editorial calendar. Here are some categories of content you can expect. To vary styles is to ensure that different emotions are created and to retain your readership. So you can:

  • Information (What is the Brand Content?)
  • Educate (Optimize your Content Marketing with personas)
  • Inspire (How to overcome procrastination, 11 good resolutions for the new year)
  • Entertain
  • Sharing knowledge or resources in your sector (Retargeting Facebook Guide)

Each of these examples targets a different objective, one hearing while representing the services I propose. I make sure that I produce content that is effective, varied and useful for my readers.

Mix your media

Are you not a great writer? No worries. You can create an effective content mix for your brand using the visual or audio. Depending on your internal skills and resources, you can start in different projects:

  • Podcasts
  • Blog articles
  • Webinars
  • Animations, Motion Design, Graphics
  • Tutorials

Obviously, if you don’t feel the soul of a content creator, don’t hesitate to give me your strategy and your content creation.

Recycle is the key

There are several ways to recycle content. First, when you create content for a video, conference or online seminar, you can then propose this content in another form.

A video can become an article or the opposite. A seminar can provide content for several articles. From these articles, draw quotes that you can then offer on Instagram on a nice image. Some articles can also become a lightweight one. A set of articles can produce a white paper, etc. There are many examples.

Then you can share some articles, those that do not become obsolete over time, on social networks. Also think that a pin on Pinterest has a longer life span than a tweet, far too fleeting. Some articles dating back two years always bring me a nice amount of traffic.

Be regular!

And the best way to do this is to impose a schedule, an editorial calendar over several weeks. This makes it possible to predict ahead of time and not to face the anguish of the white page on J-Day, but do not see too big, set achievable goals. Two articles per month, one article per week, several per week, no matter, but choose the rhythm you will keep. The Content Marketing is a marathon. The sprint is ads!