Get links to his website, one of the keys to effective SEO Hero

Let’s go back a bit on how search engines work. In order to index the websites, a search engine uses what are called robots (spiders or bots in English). These robots are small software that automatically explores the web. They are designed to collect information (web pages, photos, videos, pdf documents, etc.).

To index information, a robot proceeds by following the hypertext links that it finds on the pages that it already knows and which it regularly walks in search of modifications.

All the search engines, Google, Yahoo, and others, own their own army of small robots.

The easiest method to get your site to discover a robot, is, therefore, to get a link from a page that is already visited by it. Of course, there are here and there so-called forms allowing the registration of your site to a search engine. This solution is generally doomed to failure, or at least inefficient. As a test, in this way and without applying other methods, we have a test, expected 8 months before a nice robot appears on one of our pages.

In practice, if you have another site, link from the home page to your new site. If this is not the case, try to contact webmasters who have a complementary site to yours. They may agree to an exchange of links.

Of course, we realize that at this stage, the fact of having its site realized by an agency can make things easier. Indeed, the agency probably has a network of sites that will allow you to grant you a link very quickly (this link will also have every chance to be optimized – cf: next article).

If you’ve made your site all by yourself, do not be discouraged, it may be a little longer, but you’ll find something to get links to.

At first, we propose to list your “potential partners”, we will go into the details of the quality of the links in the next article.

Finally, we want to emphasize one important thing. It will be useful from now on to arm you with the most important virtue for a referrer ….. PATIENCE.

Indeed, from now on you will see that the actions you put in place to optimize your site can take 1 week to 6 months before being taken into account.