Four ways to stand out with video

It’s no secret: the volume of online videos is constantly increasing, all platforms combined. Thus, in 2017, video will account for 69% of all Internet traffic. With such a rapid growth forecast, what trends should brands bet on this year?

Smart TV’s social media, interactivity, and applications will be in full swing, making 2017 the ideal year for creating videos. Here are the main trends likely to dominate 2017 and how best to exploit them for an optimal video strategy.

1 – The video on the social networks will become unavoidable

It is in 2016 that social video has gone on a worldwide scale. Previously, Facebook was a place for information sharing and project development. If you happened to come across a video, it was most often created by the user who had published it. Yet, last year, Facebook has established itself as the unavoidable platform to watch videos! These have invaded the news feeds and launch automatically as the page scrolls. And like Facebook, the increase in videos viewed also applies to the majority of social platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

In 2017, social videos will gain popularity and companies will benefit from investing time and resources into a strategy that includes this type of content. Indeed, nearly three-quarters of consumers watching a social video make a purchase decision as a result of viewing. They are also more likely to recommend a company whose video they enjoyed on a social network and discouraged a company with a video that displeased them. A social video significantly impacts the way a brand is perceived. It must be treated!

2 – Video experiences will be enriched through interactivity

The time when it was enough to publish a video on the homepage of its website to stand out is over, as this practice has become commonplace. But then, what solutions are available to companies to highlight their brand and improve the consumer experience? Adding interactive elements to video content is the next level of commitment sought by brands.

Interactivity can take the form of integrated links in relevant content, action incentives to convert prospects into customers, or videos to buy. It offers your target audience a relevant experience that creates a commitment to your brand. Henceforth, individuals will interact with the video content: in the same way, all the links present in a web page make it possible to explore a brand in its smallest details.

Moreover, interactivity offers more points of contact, very useful for analyzing the behavior of Internet users. Video statistics (who clicked on what and when) are very helpful in getting specific information about your audience.

3 – The brands will make their big comeback on TV

Over the past 6 decades, television has been the most common video medium. Today, the growth of new TV media offered by Apple, Amazon, Android and Roku gives brands the opportunity to expand their reach with video, providing unique experiences where only large screens are available Appropriate.

Ten years ago, we had planned that each brand would become a content publisher. This prediction is now becoming reality: brands are once again present in the spectators’ lounge and are able to develop interaction using specific content distributed via TV applications. It is in this spirit that the London auction house Sotheby’s has developed an OTT application that explores the international art market. In 2017, therefore, we expect that the video experience will become more and more important and gain popularity in salons, with new features.

4 – Brands will invest in in-house productions

Want to get the best ROI for your videos? So, form a team dedicated to the production of your videos internally in order to develop a global strategy in 2017. Indeed, the prices charged by the agencies or seo hero are more or less exponential and the work carried out always requires control. Hiring highly qualified professionals can prove to be a valuable internal resource. They are the ones who will represent your company, your brand, your voice, as only the employees of a company can do it. As key members of your marketing team, these creative profiles will have the information and opportunities to develop video initiatives across the enterprise.

In conclusion, 2017 will be the year of striking video innovation!

While 2016 was the year of video innovation, 2017 brings the opportunity to use these advances to mark the spirits. This year is the year of transformation: social networks will become video channels, video viewing will encourage audience participation, television will reaffirm its importance as video continues its journey to virtual reality and beyond. 2017 promises to be rich in opportunities and we look forward to seeing how marketing professionals will turn these opportunities into reality.