First on Google, why not me?

All the way know, what the customers want, it’s first on Google! The first position, the pole, the first, it drool in the world. This first position is sometimes very useful, lucrative, or the insurance of large traffic, but is it your case, and if so, is it possible to get it?

First on Google, yes, but for what research?

I write this article after a charming young woman who explained to me that her commercial director wants to be on the first page, or even first on the word “courtyard”. After a few minutes of maintenance, she explained to me that the boss would like to present her work of court planning in large terrassement.


What are the good reasons to dissuade the client and explain to him that he is wrong?

Generally speaking, we are talking about a word based on our culture, our past, our environment. If for this person who is fully involved in his professional environment, a court is an empty or paved surface, we realize that the same is not true for Google.

Let us go to the “word court”, what are the results?
The search suggestions don’t tell me anything good, but I continue.
I realize that on the first pages of the SERPs, the subjects covered are related to the court of the king, the court of cassation, the European Court of Human Rights, the court of account…

I’m trying to get it by saying that Internet users might sometimes want to go in the plural and I type “course”. Still no improvement in suggestions for research, but let’s look at the results. As I expected a little, I have a right in currencies, English courses, School support, etc.

What conclusion does it draw?

That the choice of keywords on which one wants to position a site is crucial. To simplify, I would refer you to these two articles: how to choose keywords and choose effective keywords (very interesting).

As you will have understood, if the choice of keywords is not relevant, the first position will not be used. It will certainly bring a lot of traffic, but this one, badly targeted will only consume bandwidth without making any prospect, or at least far too little in terms of how to achieve it.

To complete, I would return to a study and still current, it details the number of words usually typed by users during a request. This other article referring to the concept of long-tail is complete

It is very clear that the Internet user very rarely tapera a word. If he does, often disappointed by the quality of the answers, he will refine his request by completing it with 1 or 2 other words.

In the case mentioned above, it will therefore be necessary to work much more closely in search of keywords that may be typed by users.

Obviously avoid long expressions like the arm that nobody would ever press, focus on essentials.

Continue our maintenance…

Once the above principles explained, this charming young woman explained to me that on many expressions she would always wish to be preferred in the first position, but that in order to achieve this, her company wished to achieve only a web page.


Of course, it is possible to optimize a web page for several key expressions, but it must be perspective by the competitive level of these expressions.

Overall, it will be very difficult to position SERPs on the first page of SERPs on multiple competitive expressions with a single page site.

We can, of course, play on the incoming links and the anchors of them. But the number and quality of incoming links will have to be particularly important to achieve its goals. If the agency is to perform this work, it is likely that the overall cost is much greater than what would have been achieved with a site of several pages.

In summary

Key Expressions:
Reflection on keywords and keywords is essential. This is the basis of your web presence strategy. The needs analysis can be done by the agency, but you can clean the ground well.

Why yourself? Because your current customers are the best source to know what language they use to find you. To note the expressions used, they will be useful to the Agency for deepening

Single page site:
Positioning a page of a page on many expressions is likely to offend you much more than to create a site of several pages, each of which will present a specific topic and will be optimized for a specific key expression.

Moreover, on this point, you always ask this question: Why Google will give me this place that others have sometimes taken 2 or 3 years to get?


We don’t take the first place on Google without putting a minimum of resources.
But this first place serves no purpose if it is not properly targeted.