How do I choose a SEO agency?

Many web site creation agencies exist, not all have the skills required for referencing. But when you visit webagency sites, most of them offer this service. How do I sort? The (future) client must first learn a little about this SEO benefit.

Referencing, what is it?

In summary: Natural referencing is a sustainable positioning work in the “classical” results of search engines. Commercial referencing is the “simple” purchase of keywords.

For small sites to the well identified target, you can do the second one alone. It does not require any special skills other than knowing the blue card. For larger sites for which the budget will exceed 1000 monthly euros, a professional will be able to earn you money, even if it takes its margin.

What do you call SEO?

The referencing consists, among other things, of «playing with the words», paying attention to what your interlocutor does not “on the words”. If his performance is to make you appear on Google on the name of your company, it is usually without interest. When you search the Internet for a shipping company, you type “Taxi Taxi” or “P 2 M”? Certainly Taxi Moto, and for the reason, you probably don’t know the P 2 M company. Your customers will do the same.

How can I find it in the SEO offers?

We will set aside commercial links to focus on natural referencing.

Do you deal with a real professional?

Make sorting by elimination. Search your partner’s website for ways to eliminate charlatans. Some examples:

Your site on 600 search engines!
Honestly, are you able to quote 10 search engines? How much you use yourself. Google represents 90% of Internet research in France, this would mean that the other 599 if they exist, will you report what? A visitor every 20 years.

Our team is responsible for submitting your website on the main search engines.
It is a bit like saying: Our team asks the city to give you money. And then, then… do you really think they will give it.

We register your site in 5000 directories for $240!
Unless you have fun paying to be relegated to the th page of Google, flee this type of offer. Very lucrative for your interlocutor who is going to work only 10 minutes, the automatic registration it will realize will be seen as an attempt to spamindexing by the engines.

We optimize your Meta tags
For your information, search engines no longer use your meta tags to position a site for nearly 10 years.

Free referencing of YOUR SITE!
It’s fun, I for $0,75, I have a Stick, and for $9990 I have a (small) car, but for zero euro, no merchants have ever given me anything, there would not be a wolf behind a free offer?

How do I recognize a real SEO agency?

A SEO agency will probably not offer you anything for $300. At best, it is a quick audit of the site that will be proposed an audit that will cost itself much more…

A professional will give you examples of its successful benefits.
Examples of search engines are the only real guarantee of know-how that can give you a SEO. Charlatans don’t have, at best, they’ve positioned a customer on “haircut palo alto” what amounts to letting you know by your neighbor neighbor. Escape the. with no proof of their know-how. Also take care that the examples correspond to competitive queries.

A professional SEO agency will modify your site.
It is highly likely that your positioning concerns will include an inappropriate formatting of your content, optimisés menus, misuse of FLASH, and many other reasons. Your site will therefore need to be modified to be more easily “understood” by search engines.

A professional SEO agency provider will make you work
As everyone knows, much of the positioning quality of a site comes from its content. The SEO agency will probably ask you to rework your texts, change the titles and subtitles of your pages and rewrite your text paragraphs. It will advise you on the addition of a news item or a blog allowing you to live your site with updated content.

A professional SEO agency will propose long-term actions.
While it is easy and quick to position you on a few low-level queries, only substantive work will enable a site to be positioned on highly competitive activities. In parallel, the world changes, some of tomorrow’s recipes do not exist.

A professional does not promise you the first place
Simply because he does not know if he can get it for the budget. No one agrees with Google or Yahoo, so nobody can promise anything. It would also be illusory to believe that the solution in terms of traffic on a site is to be first on one request. Being in the first 10 out of 100 or 500 requests is much more effective.

A good SEO agency to be able to reference its own site
This is a truism, but how often potential customers do not control this aspect first.