Four ways to stand out with video

It’s no secret: the volume of online videos is constantly increasing, all platforms combined. Thus, in 2017, video will account for 69% of all Internet traffic. With such a rapid growth forecast, what trends should brands bet on this year? […]

How to deal with an SEO problem?

When we look at an SEO problem, we often tend to want to solve it at any cost, without taking the time to understand its origin. Yet it is by successfully identifying the cause of a problem that it will […]

Choosing your CMS: 5 questions to ask yourself

Over the years CMS evolve, according to the trends and needs of the users. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Prestashop (for e-commerce) are the best known, but are they tailored to your needs and resources? Some choices are obvious, some content […]

Error 404: The SEO Handbook

Who ever came across this famous message: “Error 404 – this page no longer exists” or “the page you are requesting is not found?” What does that mean? What impact on its SEO? Do I have more internet connection? How […]

2017 social networks image sizes guide

We gather on this page all the dimensions of the images on the social media. The photo sizes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have just been updated. You can keep this page as a favorite to easily access all […]

6 SEO legends, which are based on false beliefs.

You know what I’ve done the most in my referral business? It is these urban legends that are based on false beliefs. I discovered natural SEO after the birth of Google. And since then, some SEO legends persist and seem […]

3 Tips for Optimizing Your Website Performance

More and more, you hear about web performance as a criterion of positioning on the search engines. This factor gathers several indicators that allow Google’s robots to judge if your site is fast and to associate it with other factors […]

The impact of social networks in SEO Hero strategies

SEO Hero deploys various techniques such as Netlinking campaigns to increase visibility after having completed an audit. However, professional and traditional social networks have experienced considerable growth, their impact should not be minimized. Indirectly improve the referencing of a site […]

Organic, Local, paid SEO: what difference?

As we have seen, SEO is an essential component of your Web marketing strategy. But it is not the only element included in the Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, which consists of several different disciplines: Organic referencing – SEO (results […]

Toolbox of SEO to boost your web performance

As SEO (beginner or confirmed) we would be prompted to use a multitude of tools to track the results of our work and the positioning of our sites on search engines. Often compared to the Swiss knife, the SEO must be multifunctional […]

SEO for Dummies: How to write SEO content

The SEO, English Search Engine Optimization, is an English term that defines optimization methods for search engines. If a site is not known and has no visitors, it does not serve much. The aim of SEO is therefore to allow […]

Search engine optimization: How/Why?

Natural referencing, sometimes called organic referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is all the non-pay techniques that will allow your site to be the best positioned in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…) by a keyword (or phrase) informed. Why SEO […]

How do I choose a SEO agency?

Many web site creation agencies exist, not all have the skills required for referencing. But when you visit webagency sites, most of them offer this service. How do I sort? The (future) client must first learn a little about this […]

First on Google, why not me?

All the way know, what the customers want, it’s first on Google! The first position, the pole, the first, it drool in the world. This first position is sometimes very useful, lucrative, or the insurance of large traffic, but is […]