Analyze your site

Seo Hero makes it possible to ensure better visibility of your website in search engines to generate more and/or better targeted traffic. Seo Hero offers free tools and tips for good indexing and optimization of your site in Google.

The optimum optimization on-page

The internal architecture of a website intervenes in the visibility of a web site in Google. It is important to create a web site that matches the criteria for selecting search engines, like Google. The goal is to obtain a better rating of its source code by search engines. The optimization of a site thus follows a number of criteria, ranging from the structure of the tags to the loading times of the data, through the establishment of a content charter, the formatting of the texts or the establishment of the best proportion between the viewable content and the source code. The text content published regularly provides a better quality and affinity with searches for Internet users to ensure a good natural referencing.

An optimization off-page

Several parameters are to be taken into account to allow a web site to climb the ladder to the first page of search engines. This is not the improvement of reputation, the optimization of internal and external links, the presence of the web site on social networks, but also the protection of the rank of pages to avoid the fall of SEO. Natural referencing techniques and parameters may vary from site to site, depending on its content and target audience. In any case, these techniques provide you with a durability of visibility in addition to entering into a good image and an honorable reputation!

Avoiding penalty charges and maintaining good positioning

Natural referencing is a delicate process that can result in results contrary to those expected if it is badly mastered. Indeed, errors committed in the processing of content or the development of a website can lead to the fall in the positioning, or even the blacklist, of a page by search engines. They also launch periodic audits on websites as visibility increases. Then check the SEO news regularly because search engines often update their selection algorithms for web pages to display on search results. These changes require responsiveness in Internet referencing to maintain the position of a site.

In addition to the proposed free natural referencing tool, the Seo Hero Media agency offers web sites of associations (humanitarian, cultural, committees, solidarity and support, education, environmental and animal protection…) a complete audit to identify the factors blocking the positioning of the website on search engines. You can then, either yourself or by a claimant, correct the errors.